Problem on start || rebar fail ?

Bryan Fink bryan.fink at
Thu Jul 21 12:46:16 EDT 2011

On Tue, Jul 19, 2011 at 6:38 AM, Michal Ziolkowski <iwltbm at> wrote:
> I use webmachine 1.6 (from:>product->open source->webmachine).
> Unfortunately it's little old (10 III 2010 ;)).
> ERROR: create failed while processing
> /export/home/mziolek/webmachine-1.6/priv: {'EXIT',{undef,[{escript,foldl,
>                          [#Fun<rebar_templater.0.15399525>,[],"../rebar"]},
>                 {rebar_templater,cache_escript_files,0},
>                 {rebar_templater,create,2},
>                 {rebar_core,run_modules,4},
>                 {rebar_core,apply_commands,4},
>                 {rebar_core,process_dir,3},
>                 {rebar,main,1},
>                 {escript,run,2}]}}

This is likely either a problem with an old rebar version, or the
'zip' module missing from your Erlang installation.

I'd check the zip module first.  Start an Erlang console and run:


It should return a string representing the path for the compiled zip
module.  If it does not, then your Erlang installation is missing
'zip', and you'll need to rebuild/reinstall it.

If you do get a valid path, then try this command:


It should return 'true'.  If it returns 'false', then your zip module
is out of date for R14B01.  I'd check the path you got from the
earlier command and make sure it points to the place you expect it to,
and not to some earlier Erlang installation.

If the last command returned 'true', then the Webmachine problem
you're having is likely due to an out-of-date rebar.  Grab a new copy
from and try again.

If that all fails, I'd suggest pinging the rebar mailing list for help.


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